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Hello. I would like to thank you for such a great software.

I downloaded/purchased NTFS Recovery Software and it has been great.

Thank you.
Michael Craddock

I purchased FAT Recovery Software following problems I was having with my Western digital external USB drive, I believe Windows Vista corrupted the boot sector of my drive as I could no longer access it. Upon downloading the software and installing, the interface was very easy to use. I had tried a number of other package demos but yours seemed to be the best. Once I had scanned my disk it appeared to have found most things I had been unable to access. I set the retrieval in motion. I was delighted to see it had actually found and retrieved everything I had lost. I would highly recommend your software and for ease of use I would give it a 10 out of 10. Very pleased and thanks very much.

Best regards
Mark Field

Thank you for your honest business and I really like the digital camera recovery software. You guys are genuis! I would recommended this software to my family and friends. I would also do more business in the buying your other software.

Thank you
chao yang

Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much for this program. I lost some very important and personally priceless photos because of a hard drive malfunction. I tried numerous disk recovery programs with no success at all. I was very upset and I was ready to give up when I saw your program in a Google search. I thought it was a waste of time but I tried it anyway as one last chance – it found and recovery every single file flawlessly!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I was.

Thank you!!!
Carl Basamania, MD

Thank you, you're awesome!

I followed the link and "ta da" everything worked as it should.

Thanks again, my daughter was going to kill me for formatting over her brazilian punk rock music collection on her pen drive.
I got all of it back.

Dad (Mike Henry)

While it took me several hours of searching through many google searches and trying different products, I found your product to be great at extracting all types of files.

Your product really helped me recover my data after my phone took a header and I lost everything on the data card.

It even recovered my entire garmin 1GB map set without issue.

Thank you for making this product.

Allen Gardiner
Intel Corp (Technology Development Group)

Thank you so much♥ My prayer for you today is that God will bless you in abundance♥

Linda Human

Thank you so much, the software works really well. I am now in the process of recovering the data, where all other products have failed!
Regards and thanks

Jeremy Gledhill

Thank You Very Much!! That worked perfectly. I will recommend your software (and your incredible support) very highly.
Thank you again --

D. Lavie

Thank you,

Almost all files I have reobtained. With your program I shall try to obtain the rest too.

Servo Kasi


I did download and install the full version. I scanned my damaged drive and all data was recovered and saved to a file.

Thank you,

Hello Customer Support,

Thank you for your prompt response. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

Clifford Wright


I would like to thank you for the quality of your keylogger software; which is excellent !

Thanks a lot,
Waly G.

We really like the product - this would greatly improve the functionality in our operation. Thanks for your help!

Mike Goff