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Keylogger Software


URL : https://www.drpu.net/

Product Price : $45

Category : PC Monitoring Tool

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Keylogger Software
Product Description :

Professional Keylogger utility records every keystroke details in current login session including all typed text, email logins, online chat conversation, visited URLs, passwords and other similar keyboard typing activities performed on your PC in different applications.

Award winning Keylogger surveillance tool save recorded details in encrypted log file with option to send log file to user specified email address. Keystroke monitoring software bypasses all major antivirus software and spy tools thus no one can even detect invisible utility in your Computer and you can easily monitor external user PC activities in your absence.

Product Screenshot :
Keylogger Software
Keylogger Software

Monitoring features of KeyLogger Software

◆ PC monitoring tool safely and securely records typed keyboard activities and saves in a hidden password protected log file.

◆ Traces and records typed keystroke including visited website, chat conversations, instant messages, login id, password and everything typed on your PC.

◆ Save all the details in log file and send to user specified email address.

Security features of KeyLogger software

◆ Works in invisible mode and does not appear in ‘Add or Remove programs’, ‘System start-up’ ‘Task manager’ and ‘Software installation files’.

◆ Provides facility to set hot key or run command settings to access Keylogger application if runs in hidden mode.

◆ Provides password facility to prevent unauthorized users to change and modify keylogger software configuration settings.